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Presbytery Council




The purpose of Council is to coordinate Presbytery’s mission and program, to provide for the regular review of the functional relationship between Presbytery’s structure and its mission, and to implement the priorities and purposes of the Presbytery between presbytery meetings as necessary. Its actions will be reported to each Stated Presbytery Assembly through the Stated Clerk, and may be affirmed, rescinded or amended by the Assembly.




  1. To share information around the Council table and across working teams to assure consistent efforts and collaboration to carry out the mission of the presbytery, i.e. to support congregations and nurture leadership.
  2. To develop ongoing strategic direction for mission on behalf of the presbytery in keeping with its purposes and emerging priorities, including new worshipping communities and funding decisions from the “One Hopeful Fund.”
  3. To assure financial accountability and immediate and timely actions to facilitate the mission and ministry of its congregations within the budget for mission approved by Presbytery.
  4. To affirm the appointment of an investigating committee as recommended by the Presbytery Moderator and the Stated Clerk.
  5. To excise careful judgment about the scope and import of its decisions so as not to usurp the essential judgments of the presbytery as a whole as discerned in Presbytery Assembly, and at the same time, to assure time for healthy relationships, worship and spiritual nourishment.
  6. To propose a budget to the Presbytery Assembly that is consistent with its resources and its mission and purpose in consultation with the Standing Committees and Personnel Committee.
  7. To designate a committee to recommend overtures and concurrences for the presbytery to send to the General Assembly.
  8. To recommend to Presbytery Assembly the addition or elimination of elected Standing Committees to assure appropriate working teams to accomplish the purposes of the presbytery.
  9. To create and disband additional committees as needed to fulfill its responsibilities. Such committees and their recommendations shall always be reported to the Presbytery Assembly.


Members with Voice and Vote

Chair of Presbytery Council

Bob Young

R-Blue Ash

Presbytery Moderator

Adam Fronczek


Presbytery Vice Moderator

Bill Bogdon

R-Mt. Auburn

Presbytery Treasurer

Bill Maney


Chair of COM

Jim Goff


Chair of CPM



President of the Trustees

Rob Heidenreich

R-Covenant -First

Chair of Congregational Vitality

Shawn Barkley


Chair of Presbytery Youth

David Annett


Chair of Personnel Committee

Joshua Long

T- Harrison First

Chair of Network Resource Committee

Erin Focke Bond Hill


Class of 2019


Carol S. Burnett



Hailey Malcolm



John Martin R-Mowrystown
  Tyler Pettigrew T-West Chester
Class of 2020


Madeline Bronaugh


  Carol Ferguson T-Crescent Springs
  Bob Northcutt R-Aurora
  Russell Smith T-Mt Washington
Members with Voice
General Presbyter Lisa Allgood R-Covenant First
Stated Clerk Erwin Goedicke

T- North


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