Permanent Judicial Commission – PJC


Dates: at least once a year; as needed


To consider and decide a case of judicial process for Presbytery according to the Book of Order.


Moderator: Elder Donald Caster

Clerk:  The Rev. Thomas Sweets 

Staff Resource: Stated Clerk, The Rev. Erwin Goedicke 


Class of 2022
Sharon Clegern RE-Knox
Tom Sweets TE-Madeira-Silverwood
Chris Torrey TE-HR
Class of 2024
Paul Calico RE-Covenant-First
Kathleen Daniels TE-Dry Ridge
Jill Durzinsky RE-Aurora First
Class of 2026
Donald Caster RE-Knox
Jeff Lang TE-Glendale
Georgianna Taggart RE-Knox



4309 Cooper Road 

Cincinnati, OH 45242

phone: 513-221-4850