COM – Committee on Ministry


Dates: meeting first Wednesday, 6:00pm at the Presbytery office


To serve as pastor and counselor to teaching elders, commissioned ruling elders, and certified Christian educators of the Presbytery; to facilitate the relations between Presbytery and its congregations, teaching elders, commissioned ruling elders, and certified Christian educators; and to settle differences on behalf of Presbytery when possible and expedient.


Chair:  Kris Moore

Staff Resource:  Transitional Executive Presbyter, Lisa Allgood


Responsibility: Committee on Ministry shall have the authority to appoint commissions for installations and ordinations approved by the presbytery, validate ministry, (G-3.0306) for reception and oversight of minister of the Word and Sacrament members, approval of calls for pastoral services and invitations for temporary pastoral services, oversight of congregations without pastors, dissolution of relationships, dismissal of members, and its close relationship with both member congregations and ministers of the Word and Sacrament. All actions carried out as a result of delegated authority must be reported to the presbytery at its next regular meeting. (G-3.0307)


Class of 2020
Jim Brazell TE-HR
Don Johnson RE-Providence
Trent Holden TE-Validated Minister


Class of 2021
Sharon Carter TE-Community of Faith
Larry Lewis RE-Maderia-Silverwood
Tim McQuade TE-Sycamore
John Robson RE-Dayton First
Peter Tuff RE-Mt. Auburn
Debbie Whaley TE_Mt. Washington


Class of 2022
Mike Brewer TE-Blue Ash
Rhonda Brumfield TE-Richwood
Holly Robertson-Taylor TE-Dayton First
Kristen Moore TE-Calvin
Vacant Vacant


4309 Cooper Road 

Cincinnati, OH 45242

phone: 513-221-4850