The Presbytery carries out the mission of the church in many ways, including the work of the elected groups listed to the left. They are composed of congregation members and ministers of the Word and Sacrament.

Elected Groups

Presbytery Council

Purpose is to coordinate Presbytery’s mission and program and to provide for the regular review of the functional relationship between Presbytery’s structure and its mission


Board of Trustees

Purpose  to fulfill the trustee function of the Presbytery and act as its legal representative in accordance with the Book of Order and state and federal laws 


PJC - Permanent Judicial Commission

Purpose to consider and decide a case of judicial process for Presbytery according to the Book of Order. 


Committee on Ministry - COM

Purpose is to serve as pastor and counselor to teaching elders and Christian educators of the Presbytery; to facilitate the relations between Presbytery and its congregations. 


Committee on Representation - COR

Purpose to advise the implementation of principles of unity and diversity, to advocate for diversity in leadership, and consult on employment of personnel.



Purpose to facilitate Presbytery’s practices and policies relating to persons employed by Presbytery 


CPM - Preparation for Ministry

Purpose to guide, nurture and oversee the process of preparing to become a teaching elder, ruling elder commissioned to pastoral service, or certified Christian educator.



Purpose is to fulfill functions of leadership development in our youth through worship, service, learning and equipping the saints.


Renewal and Vitality Committee

To fulfill functions to provide resources and education to support evangelism efforts and enable vibrant communities of Word and Sacrament.


Network Resource Committee

Purpose to fulfill functions of networking, resourcing evangelism, mission, prophetic witness, administration, assist leaders in our communities of Word and Sacrament.


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