Ministers of the Word and Sacrament

Teaching elders (also called ministers of the Word and Sacrament) shall in all things be committed to teaching the faith and equipping the saints for the work of ministry (Eph. 4:12). They may serve in a variety of ministries, as authorized by the presbytery. When they serve as preachers and teachers of the Word, they shall preach and teach the faith of the church, so that the people are shaped by the pattern of the gospel and strengthened for witness and service. When they serve at font and table, they shall interpret the mysteries of grace and lift the people’s vision toward the hope of God’s new creation. When they serve as pastors, they shall support the people in the disciplines of the faith amid the struggles of daily life. When they serve as presbyters, they shall participate in the responsibilities of governance, seeking always to discern the mind of Christ and to build up Christ’s body through devotion, debate, and decision.

For more information (see Book of Order – 2.0501)

Ministry with a Congregation
Annett, David PastorCranston MemorialPYC; Council
Barkley, ShawnPastorCrestviewCongregational Vitality; Council
Bella, Roberta "Bobbie"PastorPleasant Run
Northwest Community
Brazelle, MikePastorMowrystownCommittee on Ministry
Brewer, MichaelPastorBlue AshCommittee on Ministry
Bronsink, TroyStated SupplyBond Hill
Brumfield, Rhoda PastorRichwood
Caine, StephenPastorIndian HillBoard of Trustees
Canizaro, BonniePastorBataviaPersonnel; Council
Carter, Sharon PastorCommunity of FaithCommittee on Ministry
Colarossi, Jeffrey "Jeff" PastorWestwood First
Daniels, Kathleen AndersonStated SupplyDry RidgePermanent Judicial Commission
Dunlap, Thomas "Tom"Stated SupplyTrinity (HR)
Ferguson, CarolPastorCrescent SpringsVice Moderator
Fronczek, AdamPastorKnoxChair of Council
Goedicke, ErwinPastorNorthStated Clerk
Goff, James "Jim" PastorLovelandCongregational Vitality
Hambleton, CheriePastorSt John's WestminsterPersonnel CommitteeUnited Church of Christ
Hill, JerryStated SupplyOak HillsUnited Methodist
Hudson, Samantha Pastor Ft. Thomas
Hughes, MikeStated SupplySeaman
Jeong, ThomasPastorKoreanUKirk
Kennedy, Greg PastorNorthminsterCongregational Vitality
Lang, JeffPastorGlendalePermanent Judicial Commission; Council
Long, Joshua PastorHarrison FirstPersonnel Committee
Marshall, Anne Pastor Wyoming
Marshall, James "Gray"Pastor Wyoming
McClanahan, LindaStated SupplyChristTrustees(HR)
McQuade, Timothy "Tim" Interim Pastor SycamoreCommittee on Ministry
Midge, StaceyPastorMt. AuburnCommittee on Ministry Reformed Church in America
Moore, KrisPastorCalvinCommittee on Ministry; Council
Pettigrew, TylerPastorWest ChesterOne Hopeful Fund; Preparation for Ministry
Reister, Jana Associate PastorKnoxCommittee on Representation
Robertson, HollyStated SupplyDayton FirstCommittee on Ministry
Ross-Zimmerman, Nancy PastorLakeside
Sheppard, BradPastorImmanuelCommittee on Ministry, UKirk
Smith, RussellPastorCovenant-FirstPresbytery Council
Stainton, Kevin PastorHeritage
Stenner, Lisa DunnerPastorUnionCongregational Vitality
Sugarbaker, David "Dave" Stated SupplyWest Union First)Disciples of Christ
Sweets, Thomas "Tom" PastorMadeira-SilverwoodPermanent Judicial Commission
Tinsley, Charles Stated Supply West Cincinnati
Uchtman, Deborah "Deb" Stated SupplyBethel MurdochSynod Commissioner
Umphres, Louisa WatkinsAssociate PastorLakeside
Waters, Kevin PastorPleasant PlainUKirk
Whaley, DeborahPastorMt Washington
Yebuah, Ebenezer NahrPastorKennedy Heights
Yoda, K Nicholas PastorPleasant Ridge
Ministry Outside Congregation
Caine, MonnieChaplainHospice of CincinnatiPersonnel Committee
Hardy, William "Bill"President & CEOEquitas Health
Holden, TrentChaplain Hospice of Cincinnati Committee on Ministry
Kim, Sung NamChaplainUS Army
King-Kaiser, Abigail "Abby"Xavier University
Myser, Charles "Chuck" ChaplainSt Elizabeth Hospice
Corum Fox, G Lisa
Dunavant, Lloyd
Goode, EdCommittee on Preparation for Ministry
Reed, Peter "Pete"
Schafer, Randy
Honorably Retired
Albright, Cecil
Anderson, Robert
Angi, Kathleen "Kathy"Network Resource Committee
Beaujon, FlorencePastor EmeritaHeritage
Beran, David
Bernard, James "Jim"
Brazell, James "Jim"
Bryan, Susan Quinn
Clary, D Robert "Bob"
Clary, Patricia "Tish"
Dalton, Yvette,
Davies, AlPastor EmeritusMt Washington
DiEgidio, James
Dillaman, Jan
Doerbaum, G Richard "Rich"Pastor EmeritusCrestview
Duker, Susan
Dunlap, Thomas "Tom"Stated SupplyTrinity
Dunn, RuthModeratorCalvary
Eyre, StephenStaffMadeira-Silverwood
Fouse, Kimberly Buechner
Fouse, Richard "Dick"
Gallagher, Jan
Hamann, Al
Hartoin, Gary
Hawley, G David
Holm, Duane
Holmes, Jean
Horvath, Nancy
Hupp, George
Jewett, GordonPastor EmeritusNorthminster
Jones, Will
Kalsbeek, Theodore "Ted"Pastor EmeritusSycamore
Kent, Lawrance
Kirk, Jerry
Kranzley, Richard "Rick"
League, Robert
Ledford, Janice
Linnemann, Patricia "Pat"
Long, PaulPastor EmeritusIndian Hill
Love, William "Bill"
Lowry, David
Mason, Cynthia
McClanahan, LindaStated SupplyChrist
Miller, Richard "Dick"
Mitchell, Maurice
Moore, Tracy
Mullin, Michael "Mike"
Olson, Rick
O'Reilly, Rhonda
Petersen, Alice
Pinkowski, Jacquelyn "Jackie"
Pitman, Jerry
Porter, Harold "Hal"Pastor EmeritusMt Auburn
Purdom, Dan
Rand, Ron
Reed, George
Rogers, Glenn
Sarchet, Dawne
Sivalee, Michael
Smith, Donald "Don"Committee on Ministry
Stout, Dana
Strain, Robert
Torrey, J Christopher "Chris"HillsboroPermanent Judicial Commission
Trapp, RonPastor EmeritusHeritage
Webster, Marsha
Webster, Terry
Wheatley, Michael "Mike"
White, Arthur
White, Christine "Chris"
Youst, JoAn
Zuidema, David

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