23 March 2020
Dear Presbytery: Week 2. You are all amazing. The creativity, the research, the connectivity. This is what community is. This is what the Acts first-century church was. Only, virtual. I know you all miss the hugs, and the chatter, and the human-to-human connection. I do too. But this is still church. This is still community.
Projections I’ve seen now have extended US closings through May time and likely into June. The more extensive shut-downs have begun. Sometimes the best way you can love your neighbor is to keep your distance (and keep in touch in other ways). And remember Titus 3:1!
PC(USA) specific guidance and thoughts can be found at the following websites:Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Presbyterian Board of Pensions, Presbyterian Foundation, More Light Presbyterians, Council for Aging. 
The attached letter from the Rev. Dr. Diane Moffett and the Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson of PC(USA) is a wonderful affirmation of what it means to be church and to be Presbyterian (and contains information on a nation-wide virtual Easter service from Louisville).
Many of our churches have online video, Facebook or audio sermons (Knox, Sycamore, Covenant-First, Lakeside, Harrison, Wyoming, Crestview, St. John’s Westminster, Heritage, West Chester are but a few) and there are a number of free resources (Zoom, Facebook Live, Blackbaud, Google Periscope, YouTube) available for online worship for all churches; many of these only require a video from a cellphone). Services like Zoom, Skype and are all great ways to have meetings to keep the work going. Additional information and resources can be found in the Sampler and in my daily emails to pastors and clerks.
Be wildly blessed – this is a Holy time. We’re praying for all of you. Lisa

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