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4:00 p.m. at the
presbytery office
First Tuesdays except for February, May, September, November when the board meets a week earlier

To fulfill the legal trustee function of the Presbytery with emphasis on the administration and preservation of properties.

5 teaching elders and 10 ruling elders

President Jim Brazell (T-HR)
Secretary Jim DiEgidio (general presbyter)
Treasurer William Brammer (R-Mt. Washington)
Class of 2015  
  Lonnie Darnell T - Loveland
  Terry Kelly M-Mt. Washington
Class of 2016  
  Jim Brazell T - HR
  Gloria Hartman R - Montgomery
  Lori Nuckolls R - Bond Hill
  Cliff Peale R - Lakeside
Class of 2017  
  Stephen Caine T - Indian Hill
  George Horning R - Pleasant Ridge
  Roger Howry R - Pleasant Plain
  Jerry Marks R - Heritage

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