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Learn about the Board of Pensions Seminary Debt Assistance program for newly ordained ministers

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 Annual Report: member-at-large Word .pdf

 Annual Report: validated ministry outside congregations

Word .pdf
 Background Check Authorization Form (3/13/07) Word .pdf
 Background Check Policy (3/13/07) .pdf
 Background Check Procedures (3/13/07) .pdf
 Call Process Flowchart (10/12) .pdf
 Calling a Pastor Checklist .pdf
 Documents for ruling elders commissioned to pastoral service,
 formerly known as commissioned lay pastors
 CRE - Church Information Form Word .pdf
 CRE - Contract Word .pdf
 CRE - Duties & Privileges (01/09) .pdf
 CRE - Guidelines for Compensation (2014) .pdf
 CRE - Guidelines for Compensation (2015) .pdf
 CRE - Personal Information Form Word .pdf
 Compensation Guidelines (11/13/07) .pdf
 Designated/Permanent Positions - Call Papers Word .pdf
 EEO/AA Report Form Word .pdf
 Entrance Interview .pdf
 Ethics, Ministerial (9/8/98) .pdf
 Examination Guidelines (11/13/07) .pdf
 Interim - Contract Word .pdf
 Interim - Five Developmental Tasks .pdf
 Interim - Ministry Guidelines .pdf
 Mileage Reimbursement for COM visits .pdf
 Minimum Compensation Standards - 2014 .pdf
 Minimum Compensation Standards - 2015 .pdf
 Ministerial Ethics (9/8/98) .pdf
 Ministry Information Form (MIF)

GA file

 Paperwork Routing .pdf
 Parish Associate - Definition and Contract (2/12/13) Word .pdf
 Pastor Emerita/Emeritus (4/6/00) .pdf
 Permanent/Designated Positions - Call Papers Word .pdf
 Permanent Positions - Congregational Meeting (9/11/07) .pdf
 Permanent Positions - EEO Report Word .pdf
 Permanent Positions - Presenting/Receiving Call (9/11/07) .pdf
 Personal Information Form (PIF) GA file
 Pulpit Supply List and Remuneration .pdf
 Responsibilities of COM (9/11/12) .pdf
 Retirement: Coming, Ready or Not!

.pdf booklet

 Stated Supply Contract Word .pdf
 Temporary Pastoral Relationship Definitions (9/9/08) .pdf
 Temporary Supply Contract Word .pdf
 Validated Ministry Criteria (11/8/05) .pdf
 Validated Ministry Application - for individuals .pdf
 Validated Ministry Application - for sessions .pdf

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