Presbytery of Cincinnati

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in southeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, and southwestern Ohio



As Christians, as believers, as church leaders,

we find ourselves at a crossroads.

We know that challenges for our congregations are everywhere. For most of us, there are fewer people in the pews and fewer dollars in the collection plate. The world seems to be running from us and the work we have been doing for generations.


Too many times when tough times appear, we ask familiar questions.

  • How can we make the church grow?
  • How can we get more people into the church?
  • How can we go forth to meet the needs around us?


The trouble is that in today’s world, those questions aren’t the right questions anymore.


Those are “church questions.” Instead, we need to be asking “God questions.”

  • What is God up to out ahead of us in our neighborhoods?
  • How do we participate more fully with God in our neighborhoods and our communities?

Folks ask, what is Transformation 2.0? This is it, finding God’s majesty in the world surrounding us.


So far, we’ve made great progress:

  • Our Congregational Development Task Force has been working since last summer.
  • We are working with a consultancy, The Missional Network, to bring that vision to life.
  • We set clear expectations. Transformation is not about funding pet projects. And at this point, it’s not about opening or closing churches.
  • On January 17, we joined nearly 90 local church leaders representing 13 congregations, to kick off Transformation 2.0. Each of those congregations has a guiding team of 5-7 members, and we are training coaches to work with them.
  • That process will last 12-18 months, leading these congregations to engage more fully as God works in their own communities.
  • Later this month, leaders will walk through their neighborhoods, observing God’s work in a new way. Later,they’ll create experiments in how to engage more fully in that work.

We are embarking on a journey that will not be easy.

Real transformation is scary. It’s hard, unfamiliar and challenging.

But we know that it is the right thing to do.


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