Presbytery of Cincinnati

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in southeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, and southwestern Ohio

from the Nominating Committee

To the Members of the PCUSA Household of Faith in Cincinnati,


Who are we?             What is God doing around us?                How do we join God's work?


For two years, particular congregations within the Presbytery, and Presbytery Council itself, and the Congregation Development Task Force have been wrestling with these questions.


The engagement has sparked renewed interest and enthusiasm at Presbytery meetings and greater networking among congregations and pastors.  Now we move into the second phase of Transformation 2.0 with General Presbyter Nancy Kahaian.


Nominating Committee notes an increase in the numbers of teaching and ruling elders saying “Yes” to service within the Presbytery structure.  We are not trying to fill all thirty-eight+ vacancies in the organizational chart.  For 2016-2017, we seek to maintain our current volunteer staffing levels with elders interested in making a positive difference in our shared, mission-directed lives together.


We need your prayers for our work, due by September 13, the next stated meeting of the Presbytery.  We also need your suggestions of persons with interests and gifts for serving on these missional units:

                     Church Order



                     Permanent Judicial Commission


                     Preparation for Ministry



If you have recommendations, please contact one of us:

                     Ruling Elder Frank Martin (Winton Hills)

                     Teaching Elder Bob Clary (HR)

                     Teaching Elder Jim Brazell (HR)

If you have suggestions for the Congregational Development Task Force or Nominating Committee, please contact the Rev. Dr. Nicholas Yoda, chair of the Presbytery Council, which appoints members to CDTF and nominates members of the Nominating Committee.


We thank you in advance for your encouragement and participation in this process.


In closing, we recall the first words of Psalm 96 (The Message)

Sing to God a brand-new song! Earth and everyone in it, sing!

Sing to God --worship God!



The Nominating Committee

Second Transformation 2.0 learning cohort begins

The second group of congregations learning how to change the culture of their church so that they can join in what God is already doing in their neighborhood began their full participation on Saturday June 4 at Ryle High School, Union, Kentucky.  The high school was chosen as the starting point so that participants can immediately experience what being church in the community feels like.  Under the leadership of the new Transformation Design Team and supported by The Missional Network consultants, the second learning cohort will begin to learn to bring deep cultural change to their congregations.


The Transformation Design Team are members of the Presbytery of Cincinnati who have participated in the first learning cohort and are bringing that learning to a new group. In this way the presbytery will build the resources within itself to continue the work our consultants helped us to begin.


Also on June 4 the original learning cohort will end their 18 months of training and decide on steps they will take in the future.  So far the pastors of those congregations have committed to continue in their own learning cohort for the next year.  Some of the congregations are recruiting additional members to lead the movement within their congregations as congregational leaders attempt to diffuse the learning throughout their congregations.


Change, transformation even is happening in Cincinnati Presbytery and its congregations.  We are stepping out into our neighborhoods to give and receive gifts so that the Kingdom of God might come near.


Transformation Design Team members are:

• Michelle Bacon (pastor, Montgomery)

• Carol Burnett (ruling elder, Sycamore)

• Erwin Goedicke (pastor, North)

• Tom Merrill (ruling elder, Northminster)

• Mark Mong (pastor, Mowrystown)

• Karen Stine (ruling elder, Heritage).


The second Learning Cohort includes:

Community of Faith


Glendale First



Pleasant Ridge



Please pray for these congregations as they join this adventure.


copyright © 2016 The Presbytery of Cincinnati