Presbytery of Cincinnati

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in southeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, and southwestern Ohio


In early March, the Rev. Jim Brazell (HR) delivered a total of 456 kits to Camp Ferndale, the PDA distribution site near Little Rock, Arkansas. Later that month, the kits were shipped to Shreveport Louisiana, for flood victims in the Presbytery of the Pines and the Presbytery of South Louisiana.


Incidentally, the director of Camp Ferncliff, the Rev. David Gill, was ordained by the Presbytery of Cincinnati. He grew up in Silverton Presbyterian Church, which has since changed its name and merged into Madeira-Silverwood.

How many Presbyterians does it take...

How many Presbyterians does it take to assemble a Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) hygiene kit? The Presbytery of Cincinnati has lived into the answer.


In late January, 15 Presbytery Council members asked 75 congregations to collect an unspecified number of a specified component of a hygiene kit: hand towels, washcloths, wide-tooth combs, nail clippers, bath-size soap, toothbrushes, bandages. Someone from the participating congregations then transported the items to the February presbytery meeting at Kennedy Heights Presbyterian Church. In about 30 minutes during the meeting, approximately 130 people assembled 409 complete kits and an additional 154 kits containing all but one item. This photo is of a few of them.


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